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The Asian Canadian Living Archives (TACLA)

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I had the honour and privilege to participate as a youth critic for TACLA and engage with incredible films featured at the Toronto ReelAsian International Film Festival.

Under the guidance of Jasmine, I completed “The Uncontrollable Feminine & Southeast Asian Women Narratives: In Conversation with RONG Director Indira Iman”.

This essay reviews:

  • RONG (2020) — Indira Iman
  • Marlina & The Murder in Four Acts (2018) — Mouly Surya
  • Dearest Sister (2016) — Matti Do


Graphic by Sarah Barzak
Published and Produced by TACLA

Ky Nam Le Duc’s LE MEILLEUR PAYS DU MONDE, or GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, which screened at the Reel Asian Film Festival in November 2020, was the festival’s first Canadian French language film. Set in the dead of winter in a familiar near-future Montreal, where anti-immigrant sentiments have become sedimented through the election of a far-right, fascistic provincial government, Greatest Country probes themes of masculinity, white supremacy, and immigration through its deeply complicated, nuanced, characters who ask us: what exactly do we owe each other under difficult circumstances?

In this podcast, my collaborator, Vidhya Elango, and I work through these complicated themes, as well as the politics of filmmaking in Quebec, through an interview with the Director, Ky Nam Le Duc, providing a feminist analysis and personal reflections along the way.

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